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disinfecting surface and hand wipes After cleaning frequently used surfaces with soap and water, follow up with disinfecting wipes. Surfaces may include door handles, countertops, and desks.

vega General cleaning & Disinfecting Wipes Ideal for: Pack Size: 20 x 80ct canisters Hard Surfaces

lysol disinfecting Wipes

purell hand sanitizing Wipes

Pack Size: 6 x 80ct flat packs

Pack Size: 10 x 100ct boxes

Ideal for:

Sinks & Toilet Seats

Ideal for:



Countertops Door Knobs


stylus PENS & no-touch utility tools

Looking for a budget-friendly approach to touching frequently used surfaces?


Customizable with your logo.

Perfect for employees returning to the office.

*Order minimum may apply for customized items.


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